The AETA Quarterly — June 2023

23 June 2023

With summernow at hand, it’s a time to take a look back at the highlights of our company, AETA Audio Systems. We are delighted to share with you in the highlights of the past months.


First, we’d like to pay tribute to our iconic product, the Scoopy+S. After years of success, we have taken the difficult decision to end its production. The last units have found their way to a happy customer, marking the end of an era. We would like to express our deep gratitude to everyone who has supported the Scoopy+S over the years. Your encouragement and loyalty have been the foundations of its success, for which we are infinitely grateful.

New product

When a star dies, a new star gets born. It is with pride that we announce the commercial launch of the ScoopyFlex, the successor to the Scoopy+S. Designed to respond to the most demanding needs of our community, the ScoopyFlex represents a new era of possibilities.With advanced features such as, recording, edition, playback, 5G,integrated Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, dual mobile connections and many more, the ScoopyFlex is more than just a technologicalevolution. It reflects our commitment to provide a simple, reliable solution to the current and future challenges of the broadcast industry.

Participation in exhibitions

Beyond our products, our experience has also been enriched by meetings atinternationally renowned exhibitions. We had the privilege of taking part in the Hamburg Open in Germany, the LLB in Oslo, the SVG summit and MPTS inLondon, as well as the Casablanca Broadcast Days in Morocco.

These events were great opportunities to talk to you, share knowledge and introduce  our products. These exciting encounters have strengthened our determination to continue pushing the limits of the audiovisual industry and, together, to shape the future of audio links.

Last update

Speaking of pushing the limits, we’re happy to announce the latest update to ScoopTeam, our flagship product. Our development team has worked hard to bring you even more possibilities. Now you can enjoy improved stereo audio functionality. What’smore? the new ‘sidetone’ knob can also become a ‘microphone gain’, allowing ScoopTeam to adapt to your different use cases. These and many other improvementsare now available to you.

We invite you to upgrade your version of ScoopTeam now and discover a new level of performance and efficiency.