All the versatility and technology you need for your live reports

: Ethernet / 3G / 4G / Wi-Fi by USB
: ISDN / 2G / 3G (HD voice) / 4G (VoLTE)
Scoopy+S made by AETA
Made for travelling
  • Dedicated bag with convenient storage and direct access to connectors
  • 2 antennas in diversity for better network reception
  • > 5H autonomy with rechargeable NiMH batteries (6xAA), integrated charger
  • Recording and editing features (high-speed file transmission via FTP over IP networks)
  • Snapshots and settings import/export by SD card
  • Lockable power socket
  • Phantom power
A maximum of possibilities to succeed in your live reports!
The classic codec for live reports and interviews

Handy and lightweight, Scoopy+ S can be used in a carrying bag for mobile news gathering, or on a desk for sports, events and interviews.

Wherever you are, Scoopy + S helps you to find the best mode of transmission available on site, you have a maximum of possibilities to ensure your live connection.

The larger choice of network interfaces

Scoopy+ S comes with IP over Ethernet. Numerous transmission modes are available as options:

Network Ethernet Integrated Mobile  (2G/3G/4G-LTE) Mobile 4G  via USB Wifi via
Yes Option Yes Option Option Option Option


A versatile codec for reliable and secure links

With the integrated Mobile option, Scoopy+ S supports both voice (standard, HD Voice™ , VoLTE) and IP transmission over 3G / 4G networks. In addition to a coordination function using the mobile network, the HD Voice™ (and VoLTE) will often be a good way to ensure a backup link when other networks are failing.
By connecting a USB mobile key, Scoopy+ S can also connect to a second mobile data network (4G-5G). Convenient to double the SIM cards and perform a Double Streaming link. In IP mode, the interleaved packet duplication (FEC) technique provides a robust link.

Coming with a free factory SIP account on AETA SIP server, Scoopy+ S also offers a “Direct RTP” mode. The “Direct RTP” mode allows you to set up a link over an IP network without using the SIP protocol.
Download this application note to see how to use the “Direct RTP” mode.

Coding Algorithms

Scoopy+ S offers many coding algorithms. Their availability depends on the transmission mode:

Audio interfaces
  • 3 balanced mic/line inputs
  • 1 AES input
  • 2 balanced line outputs
  • 2 headphone outputs
  • USB audio interface (mono)
Recording and editing features

Scoopy + S also offers recording and editing functions. Recorded audio files can be transmitted via high speed FTP over 4G / LTE networks or other IP networks.
Scoopy + S can also be used as a stereo audio interface thanks to its USB port which allows to connect it to a Windows or Mac OS computer.

ScoopY+ S Pack

Ready to use Scoopy+ S pack:

Scoopy+ S  Pack
  • Scoopy+S
  • HD-4G Option
  • Recording Option
  • Grounded power supply
  • Remote Access Option
  • Accessories : dedicated bag, rechargeable batteries (NiMH 6x C-size), car adapter, external antenna, µSIM/nanoSIM adapter