Contribution codec with AoIP via wired Ethernet network
Ease of use               

: Ethernet
All AETA technology in a compact and lightweight codec
Simple as a phone call!
  • Easy use with RJ45 cable
  • Network quality meters
  • Easy update by USB
  • GPIO : 2 inputs / 2 outputs
the AoIP contribution with ease!

Whether at home or in a hotel room, or in a press gallery to cover an event, ScoopFone IP is suitable for all wired AoIP applications where simplicity and speed of implementation are a major concern.

With its intuitive interface and simplified configuration, ScoopFone IP is an easy-to-use device for optimal transmission performance.
The choice of coding algorithm is done automatically depending on the device being called, with priority to OPUS. A network quality meter guides the user to adjust the bit rate if needed, which can be done live without any audio glitch or drop out. In IP mode, the interleaved packet duplication (FEC) technique provides a robust link.

Coding Algorithms

ScoopFone IP offers a minimal configuration that combines simplicity and sound quality.

G711, G722, OPUS

Audio interfaces
  • 1 balanced mic/line input
  • 1 balanced line input
  • 1 balanced line output
  • 2 headphone outputs
ScoopFone IP Pack

Sold by units, ScoopFone IP is also available in a ready-to-use pack :

ScoopFone IP pack
  • ScoopFone IP
  • Remote Access option
  • Lockable power socket
  • Complete bag: accessories pouch, shoulder strap
  • Accessories : rechargeable NIMH batteries (6xAA)