Rackmount version of ScoopFone 4G/5G

: Ethernet / 3G / 4G / 5G
: 3G (HD voice) / 4G (VoLTE) / 5G
All AETA technology in a 1/3 U codec
  • Remote Access : Remote control for all settings and parameters via Internet
  • Factory SIP account included (exclusive for the device, on AETA SIP server)
  • Adjustable Opus bit rate during communication to fit network load (12-192 kbit/s)
  • Broadcast audio quality (up to 20 kHz)
Simple as a phone call!
  • Easy use with SIM card or RJ45 cable
  • Network quality meters
  • Easy update by USB
  • GPIO : 2 inputs / 2 outputs
Network interfaces

The rackmount version of the ScoopFone 4G/5G allows you to establish AoIP connections via Ethernet or 3G/4G/5G  mobile networks. It also allows you to use the voice service over 3G networks and benefit from the performance of HD Voice™ (7kHz) or VoLTE.

Coding Algorithms

ScoopFone 4G-R offers a minimal configuration that combines simplicity and sound quality.

 Ethernet / 3G / 4G / 5G

  • G711, G722
  • OPUS 

 2G / 3G (mobile voice mode)

  • GSM, AMR
  • AMR-WB (HD Voice™)
Audio interfaces
  • 1 balanced mic/line input
  • 1 balanced line input
  • 1 balanced line output
  • 2 headphone outputs