Powerful mixing and recording facilities in one single device!

AETA Audio Systems stops the production of 4MINX

Dear partners and users,

for several months, we have been looking for a partnership to maintain the production of 4Minx, with an acceptable price level.  Unfortunately, our research did not succeed, we had the choice between strongly increase the price of the 4Minx, or stop the production, it is this second solution which was retained.
AETA thus stops definitively the manufacture of the 4Minx and the diffusion of new update.

We would like to thank all the users of 4Minx, whose passion made our decision all the more difficult to take. We will continue to support you and ensure the maintenance and repairs of the 4Minx, so you can enjoy your device for as long as possible.

We wish you, partner, distributors and users of 4MINX, all the success possible in your projects.

The AETA team

  • Up to 10 inputs (4 Mic/Line, 1 stereo line, 2 AES3/AES42 inputs)
  • Line inputs compatible with wireless receivers
  • 2 to 8 track recording on SD/SDHC Card
  • Suitable for M/S stereo and Surround production
  • 6 hours battery range
  • 2.1 kg with NP-F Li-Ion battery
  • Flexible routing
  • 12 freely assignable outputs (4 Line, 2 Aux and 3 AES3 outputs)
  • DSP based mixer
  • Surround monitoring from SoundField (optional)
  • Time Code option (Ambient license)
  • 3″ LCD display, readable in all situations
  • Easy and direct access to main settings (filters, sensitivity, monitoring…)
Operational benefits

With its outstanding qualities 4MinX opens up new production opportunities for the broadcast and media industry: 4MinX is the first fully integrated multi-track digital recorder and mixer. It offers mixing and even recording of 5.1 or 7.1 – both indoor and outdoor. Use 4MinX as a TV/film sync-sound location recorder; reconfigure it for recording music or for mixing up to four channels. The new lightweight 4MinX allows you to work on location for more than six hours before its standard batteries need recharging.

4MINX software update

Copy the downloaded file on an SD card, insert the SD card into the 4MinX and select “Tools”, “Update firmware”
WARNING: Once this update is done, downgrading to previous versions is not recommended, and it is not possible to revert to firmware older than version 1.7 !

Download the latest version

Version 1.7