Manage and control easily your pool of AETA codecs!

  • IP
  • ISDN

Manage and control easily your poll of AETA codecs with Scoop Manager, the software solution from AETA Audio Systems.

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Scoop Manager is a professional software solution that allows you to quickly manage a pool of AETA codecs via an Ethernet LAN, using a proprietary protocol.
You can display and configure easily all your codecs and manage your links over the various network types (IP, ISDN, telephony).


  • Quick supervision of your whole pool of AETA codecs
  • Support all types of calls (IP/ISDN/Telephone)
  • Management of single and double codec modes
  • Easy call setup and management
  • Fast access to codec embedded HTML server
  • Multiuser operation
  • Fluent operation
  • Remote party name display
  • Broadcast color patterns
  • User-customizable alarm sounds
  • Easy handling of call contacts
  • Phonebook
  • Call History

Scoop Manager works with the following devices :

  • Scoop6
  • ScoopFone 5G
  • MultiScoop
  • Scoop5 S and Scoop5 S-IP
  • µScoop
  • Scoopy+ S
  • ScoopFone 4G
  • ScoopFone IP
  • ScoopTeam (AoIP + mobile voice coordination not handled)
  • Scoop 5 and Scoop 5IP

ScoopManager offers

Codecs administration

  • Complete list of the connected codecs
  • Monitoring of the status of the codec, connected or not
  • Ability to name the codecs
  • Management rules of the phone number prefix for the ISDN network for each device

Call configuration and management

  • Configure the network for the outgoing calls
  • Coding algorithm for the outgoing calls
  • List of the applicable encoding presets
  • Initiate an outgoing call
  • Release an incoming or outgoing call

Scoop Manager features

  • Color codes and customizable alarm sounds keep you aware in real time of the status of the running links on your codecs
  • Phonebook handles your contacts including associated network type (IP/ISDN/Telephone)
  • The proposed coding algorithms automatically adapt to the selected network
  • Fast access to the embedded HTML server of the codec for in-depth set up
  • Additional client application allows you to have visibility of your pool of codecs from different positions
  • Additional client application gives you the possibility to divide your pool of codecs in clusters

Working Environment

  • Compatible OS : Windows 32/64 bits (XP, 7, 10,..), including server or virtualized versions
  • Supported codecs : Scoop6 / ScoopFone 5G / MultiScoop / Scoop5 S / Scoop5 S-IP / ScoopFone 4G / µScoop / Scoop 5 / Scoop 5IP
  • Prerequisites: RAM 4 GB, HD 100 MB

Single codec mode

Double codec mode

Client application interface