Revolutionary reportage codec consisting of a mobile device and a docking station. For the reporter working alone or as a light commentary system with up to four microphone positions and AES67.

Dual Stereo
: Ethernet / 3G / 4G / 5G / Wi-Fi
: 3G (HD Voice TM) / 4G (VoLTE) / 5G
What is the ScoopyFlex?

Ultra flexible mobile production codec or light commentary system

ScoopyFlex consists of a mobile device and an optional docking station.

  • The mobile device is portable codec for live reports on the go
  • Together with the docking station and AES67 options (native RAVENNA and DANTE) it becomes a light commentary system

The ideal device for small and large productions

  • Radio and TV work flows
  • One reporter or complete team productions
  • On site or remote productions

Important Functionnalities

  • Double stereo codec
  • Complete routing matrix
  • Record
  • Edition
  • Playback

Main features

  •  2 – 4 microphone positions
  • up to 6 audio inputs
  • 7 network interfaces incl. 5 adapters
  • up to 3 SIM cards
  • Touchscreen
  • AETA Remote Access
  • AES67 interfaces (native RAVENNA or DANTE)
  • 2 SIP connections +2 for Double Streaming


Network Interfaces
  • 2x Ethernet
  • 1x 5G or 1x 4G or 2x 4G or 1x (5G+4G)
  • Wi-Fi

For Double Streaming and Bonding over several networks

Redundant Ethernet and AES67 ports to connect to redundant networks or to split program stream and control

Network / Version Ethernet Integrated Mobile
4G-LTE,  5G            
2nd Integrated Mobile
4G- VoLTE/HD VoiceTM
Flex 1x Yes Yes Yes
Flex + Docking 2x Yes Yes Yes 8ch RAV or DANTE


  • The integrated 4G and 5G mobile adapters support
    • Audio over IP
    • HD Voice™ over 3G / 4G / 5G
    • VoLTE
  • Additional 4G-USB stick available in order to connect to a third network

In addition to the coordination function, using the mobile network for making a HD Voice™ or a VoLTE connection will often be a good way to provide a backup link in case IP networks are failing.

Audio Interfaces

Up to 6 audio inputs + AES67 8 channels and routing matrix 

  • 2 – 4 mics including 2 switchable to line in
  • 1x AES3
  • AES67 (native RAVENNA or DANTE)
    • 8 channels
    • Ethernet
    • SFP port
  • 1x USB for stereo audio
  • Up to 7 audio outputs
    • 2 – 4 headphone jacks (including 2 line out)
    • 1x USB for stereo audio
    • 2x XLR3 analog out

All inputs can be routed to any output

And all inputs can be mixed into the codecs

Coding Algorithms

ScoopyFlex offers many coding algorithms included as standard in the equipment

 Ethernet / 3G / 4G / 5G / WiFi

  • G711 (Mono) / G722 (Mono)
  • MPEG L2 (Mono, Dual mono, Stereo)
  • MPEG L3
  • AAC-LC / HE / HE v2 / LD / ELD (Mono, Dual mono, Stereo)
  • OPUS  (Mono, Stereo)

 3G (HD Voice™) / 4G (VoLTE)

  • GSM, AMR
  • AMR-WB / G722.2 (HD Voice™)
Streaming Modes - SIP Accounts, SIM cards, Double Streaming, etc.

ScoopyFlex features the below functionalities

  • Double Streaming over two different networks
    • 5G
    • 4G
    • Ethernet
    • WiFi
  • Bonding over two different interfaces
    • 5G
    • 4G
    • Ethernet
    • WiFi

ScoopyFlex can take

  • 1 – 3 SIM cards

ScoopyFlex can register with

  • 4 SIP Accounts
  • on two different SIP servers

ScoopyFlex can make

  • up to 2 SIP connections in stereo
Remote Access

ScoopyFlex can be controlled over the internet with AETA Remote Access

This is a true cloud based remote control tool enabling you to operate your codecs wherever they are

All user interfaces and means of control

  • Touchscreen (rugged industrial grade)
  • Access to HTML page in the LAN
  • AETA Remote Access over the internet
  • AETA ScoopManager in the LAN
Options, Packs, Miscellaneous

Network options

  • HD-4G worldwide mobile option (Scoopy Flex)
  • Second HD-4G worldwide mobile option (Scoopy Flex)
  • HD-5G mobile option (Scoopy Flex)

Other options

  • AES67/RAVENNA – 8ch interface option (Scoopy Flex)
  • AES67/DANTE – 8ch interface option (Scoopy Flex)
  • POE option
  • “Remote Access” option (Scoopy Flex)
  • “Remote Access premium” option (Scoopy Flex

Product Packs

  • The portable device ScoopyFlex is available stand alone but there are cost effective “ready to go” packs containing useful items

ScoopyFlex 4G Pack

  • ScoopyFlex mobile device
  • Worldwide HD-4G
  • Li-Ion battery pack
  • Remote Access
  • Dedicated bag
  • µSIM adapter

ScoopyFlex 5G Pack

  • ScoopyFlex mobile device
  • 5G module (EMEA/China)
  • Li-Ion battery pack
  • Remote Access
  • Dedicated bag
  • µSIM adapter

ScoopyFlex 4G + Docking Pack

  • ScoopyFlex
  • Docking station
  • Worldwide HD-4G 1x 4G
  • Li-Ion battery
  • dedicated bag or flight case
  • Remote Access Premium
  • µSIM adapter

ScoopyFlex 2x 4G + Docking Pack

  • ScoopyFlex mobile device
  • Docking station
  • 2x worldwide HD-4G
  • Li-Ion battery pack
  • Remote Access Premium
  • Flight case
  • µSIM adapter

ScoopyFlex 5G + Docking Pack

  • ScoopyFlex
  • Docking station
  • 5G Module ( EMEA/China)
  • Li-Ion battery pack
  • Remote Access Premium
  • Flight case
  • µSIM adapter


  • All AETA codecs come with pre-configured SIP accounts for the AETA SIP server
  • These “Works SIP accounts” and the SIP service is free of charge.


  • All AETA codecs enjoy free lifetime firmware upgrades