As a specialist in audio transmission, AETA Audio Systems designs and manufactures professional devices recognized and used all over the world.

Pursuing a dynamic of innovation policy, the company maintains a tradition of expertise and technical excellence, and offers a full range of audio and IP codecs designed to adapt to all operating conditions, both in the studio and in the field, and designed to meet the needs and requirements of every broadcaster.

Since its beginnings in 1978, AETA Audio Systems has been developing not only innovative, but lightweight, compact and easy-to-use products to provide its users with simple, secure solutions to ensure the success of their live broadcasts.


Confidentiality policy

General terms and conditions

For any assistance, please proceed as below:

Please check if the unit you are operating is running on the latest firmware release
Please check if you can not find any information on the precise topic in the user manuals or application notes available on our website
If you can not find any proper solution to your problem, you may get in contact with our support team but before hand and in order to give you the most efficient support:
o Please have following important information at hand
– Unit type
– Serial number
– Firmware version
o Please connect the unit to the internet
o Please enable remote assistance on the unit
o Please put the unit in debug mode