Simplify your connections to fixed IP addresses.

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STUN (Simple Traversal of UDP through NAT routers) is a method allowing a device using UDP to access the Internet across a NAT router. The system relies on inquiries to a public server that provides to the device its address (and ports) on the public network. This is especially useful for direct connections to a fixed public IP address (without involving a SIP server).

AETA proposes such a server that can ease the connection through a NAT router (reminder: every “box” is generally a NAT router as well). Moreover, combined with a registration on our SIP server (see this page), using STUN you can be sure that the audio stream will be routed on the most direct path.

This service is open to every one without prior registration or subscription.

Our advice: enter this address in your codec (parameter “STUN Server”) once for all, and don’t clear it anymore! If ever needed, you just have to disable STUN in the menu. Later on, just re-activate STUN, and there is no need to type the server address again.