Rackmount codec equipped with multiple network interfaces

: Ethernet / 3G / 4G
: ISDN / 2G / 3G / POTS (PSTN)
  • Wide range of coding algorithms, including AAC
  • Supports HD-Voice (AMR-WB), optional
  • IP interface for SIP / AoIP+VoIP
  • Compliant with EBU Tech 3326
  • Webserver with enhanced functions
  • AES / EBU I / O
  • Broadcast quality audio
  • Telecom grade reliability
  • Packet replication algorithm, which prevents audio dropouts
  • Low power platform on a Linux architecture
  • DC powering 12 V (optional)
  • No noise and higher reliability because no fan is necessary
Operational benefits

Scoop5 comes with multiple network interfaces including IP, ISDN, Leased Line, POTS and cellular 2G/3G with HD-Voice for high quality transmissions.

Scoop 5 combines a major upgrade of the software platform with an ergonomically improved design.

Faster, more intuitive operation, profile management and supervision via an embedded web page, a new control panel with graphic display, and an elastomere keyboard for greater comfort make Scoop 5 the leading product in its class.

Scoop 5 / Scoop 5 IP firmware update

Before proceeding with the update, please read carefully these
important instructions.

Download the file below for updating the firmware.

Download here the file for updating the front panel module (not needed for units with serial number > 200).

Last version :

Version 1.07

Released 2017/08/08            Click here to download the update file

Web pages security improvements :

  • Implementation of HTTPS for the embedded server.
  • Enhanced protection against attacks.
  • Implemented a technique to prevent from Cross-Site Request Forgery attacks.

Improvements :

  • When importing a configuration file, the login password is not affected (previously, the password possibly included in the configuration file was also imported).

Fixed issues :

  • Fixed various malfunctions in the handling of presets (create/update/load), in some cases imposing to reboot the unit.

Important notice: if a password is set for accessing the html pages, you MUST reset it to a blank value (refer to page Maintenance/Login data), BEFORE performing this firmware update.
Once the update is completed, you can later set a password again.