Live reports codec with AoIP, ISDN and mobile networks with HD Voice™

: Ethernet / 3G / 4G
: ISDN / 2G / 3G
  • Wide range of coding algorithms, including AAC
  • Integrated 2G/3G/3G+/LTE module
  • Supports HD-Voice service (AMR-WB)
  • IP interface for SIP/AoIP+VoIP
  • Highly integrated unit
  • Intuitive, user-friendly interfaces
  • High performance audio interfaces
  • Compliant with EBU Tech 3326
  • Inmarsat BGAN integrated application
  • Recording functions (internal/external/transfer)
  • Webserver with enhanced functions
  • USB host and client function: USB audio = built-in soundcard
  • Coordination features, using the mobile network
Operational benefits
Never loose a story!

With Scoopy+ and its HD-4G option, you never lose a story, as this lightweight portable codec not only transmits from everywhere to everywhere, it also offers recording and editing functions. Before transmitting, you screen all wired and wireless telecommunication systems at hand and select the best interface available.

HD-Voice now offers two additional advantages: Firstly, your transmissions now are virtually guaranteed as you have your own dedicated voice channel once the mobile call is established. Secondly, the wideband sound quality (7 kHz) is so much better that your voice becomes your signature. And as its rechargeable batteries last for more than five hours you can still report when most others have to look for an electrical outlet.

With its integrated wireless module and antenna, SCOOPY+ natively supports both voice service (and HD Voice) and IP transmission over 2G/3G/3G+/LTE networks. By connecting a USB mobile key it can also connect to a second mobile network. See our FAQ and check the supported 3G/3G+ and LTE devices.

Scoopy+ firmware update

Before proceeding with the update, please read carefully these important instructions.

If the Scoopy+ has a firmware older than version 2.0, to be updated the unit must be returned to our factoryPlease contact the sales service for such case.

If the firmware is 2.0 or newer, but older than 2.2, you must download this preliminary update file.

If the firmware is 2.2 or newer, download the file below for updating the firmware.

(For Japanese mobile networks, only version V3.01.02 must be used : see below)

Last version :

Version 3.05

Released 2017/08/08            Click here to download the update file
Not suitable for Japanese mobile networks, please use version 3.01.02.

Web pages security improvements :

  • Implementation of HTTPS for the embedded server.
  • Enhanced protection against attacks.
  • Implemented a technique to prevent from Cross-Site Request Forgery attacks.

Improvements :

  • When importing a configuration file, the login password is not affected (previously, the password possibly included in the configuration file was also imported).

Fixed issues :

  • Fixed various malfunctions in the handling of presets (create/update/load), in some cases imposing to reboot the unit.

Important notice: if a password is set for accessing the html pages, you MUST reset it to a blank value (refer to page Maintenance/Login data), BEFORE performing this firmware update.
Once the update is completed, you can later set a password again.

Version 3.01.02 (must be used for japanese mobile networks)

Released 2014/09/16
This version is recommended for Japanese mobile networks (download here).


  • Added a variation of the LTE/4G USB module Huawei 3276, not supported so far.

Fixed issues :

  • Depending on the coding configuration, the activity on the screen could induce jitter in the transmitted IP audio stream.