Modular multi-channel codec with IP, ISDN and AES67, up to 16 audio connections in 3U


: Ethernet, Wifi, 4G by USB
The latest addition to the AETA codec range!
  • Broadcast audio quality (up to 20 kHz)
  • Up to 16 audio channels in 3U
  • Flexible audio interfaces (up to 16 in 3U) : analog, AES3, AES67



  • Full redundancy: power, control and AES67 modules
  • Separate audio and control networks for more safety


  • Easy control and supervision
  • Full control (including power supplies) from control modules with separate networks
  • Embedded HTML server for each module
  • Remote Access : remote access and control via Internet
  • Optional Scoopmanager for simplified management
  • SNMP


  • Customization on request
Convenient, robust and secure for multiple audio connections

MultiScoop is the ideal rackmount codec when you need to perform a lot of audio connections.
The device allows up to 16 IP or ISDN connections (mono) in a 3U unit. Audio interfaces allow you to distribute analog audio signals, and also digital audio signals in AES3 or AES67 format.

With MultiScoop, you get all the security you need: hot-swap modules, full redundancy with up to 2 power supplies, 2 control modules on separate networks and even redundancy for AES67 audio distribution, with up to 2 Ravenna AES67 modules.

MultiScoop has also been designed to be easy to use and manage with Scoop Manager software included for free with the device. Scoop Manager provides simplified management of your AETA codecs pool.

Audio Interfaces
  • 2 analog inputs (Sub-D) per codec module
  • 2 analog outputs (Sub-D) per codec module
  • 1 AES3 input per codec module
  • 1 AES3 output per codec module
  • AES67 interface – up to 16 inputs channels and 16 outputs channels
Parts and modules

The different parts and modules are sold separately, allowing you to customize your MultiScoop to meet your specific needs.

  • MultiScoop 3U Rack
  • AC/DC power supply module
  • AoIP codec module
  • AoIP & ISDN codec module
  • Rear mount Audio Interface module (Sub-D)
  • Control module
  • AES67 module
  • Audio analog/AES in/out cables
  • Blind plates
Coding Algorithms

MultiScoop offers many coding algorithms, included as standard in the equipment. Their availability depends on the transmission mode: network used, and single / dual codec mode:

 Ethernet / 3G / 4G  / Wi-Fi by USB  / 4G by USB

  • G711 (Mono) / G722 (Mono)
  • MPEG Audio Layer II (Mono, Dual mono, Stereo)
  • AAC-LC / HE / HEV2 / LD / ELD (Mono, Dual mono, Stereo)
  • OPUS  (Mono, Stereo)


  • G711 (Mono) / G722 SRT, H221, H242 (Mono)
  • MPEG Audio Layer II (Mono, Dual mono, Stereo)
  • AAC-LCHE (Mono, Dual mono, Stereo)
Block diagram