Modular multi-channel Audio over IP codec with optional AES67 and still ISDN if needed. Up to 16 audio connections in 3 Rack-Units

16 audio channels in mono or 8 channels in stereo

: Ethernet / WiFi / 4G-LTE with USB key
: ISDN optional
Main Features
Convenient, robust and secure for multiple audio connections

Scalable system allowing you to cover all audio workflows

  • 1 – 16 AoIP connections or ISDN connections in mono or 8x in stereo
  • 1 – 16 analog, AES3/EBU interfaces
  • 1 – 16 channels for connecting to AES67 – native RAVENNA or DANTE – networks

MultiScoop is the ideal rackmount codec when you need to perform a lot of audio connections

  • 1 – 16 SIP connections or Direct RTP
  • 1 – 16 connections in mono or up to 8 connections in stereo
  • with the RAVENNA or DANTE interfaces you can select up to 16 channels for your I/O audio stream

Redundancy = safety when you need it

  • Two units each of the power supply, control and AES67 modules can be fitted per base chassis
  • Program stream and management network can be separated
  • The codecs can be set to receive calls from the own home SIP server only

Take control of MultiScoop codecs with dedicated management tools

  • ScoopManager: AETA link management tool
  • AETA Remote Access: True remote access to the HTML page of the codec over the internet
  • Remote Access Portal: Cloud based service showing you the status of you codec fleet on one page
  • SNMP for supervision of all codecs
  • All AES67 compliant network management tools can manage the AES67 I/O’s
    • e.g. the Network Manager from Merging Technologies: ANEMAN
Audio interfaces
  • 2 analog inputs (Sub-D) per codec module
  • 2 analog outputs (Sub-D) per codec module
  • 1 AES3 input per codec module
  • 1 AES3 output per codec module
  • AES67 interface – up to 16 inputs channels and 16 outputs channels
Parts and modules

The different parts and modules are sold separately, allowing you to customize your MultiScoop to meet your specific needs.

  • MultiScoop 3U Rack
  • AC/DC power supply module
  • AoIP codec module
  • AoIP & ISDN codec module
  • Rear mount Audio Interface module (Sub-D)
  • Control module
  • AES67 module
  • Audio analog/AES in/out cables
  • Blind plates
Coding Algorithms

MultiScoop offers many coding algorithms, included as standard in the equipment. Their availability depends on the transmission mode: network used, and single / dual codec mode:

 Ethernet / 3G / 4G  / Wi-Fi by USB  / 4G by USB

  • G711 (Mono) / G722 (Mono)
  • MPEG Audio Layer II (Mono, Dual mono, Stereo)
  • AAC-LC / HE / HEV2 / LD / ELD (Mono, Dual mono, Stereo)
  • OPUS  (Mono, Stereo)


  • G711 (Mono) / G722 SRT, H221, H242 (Mono)
  • MPEG Audio Layer II (Mono, Dual mono, Stereo)
  • AAC-LCHE (Mono, Dual mono, Stereo)
Block diagram