21 March 2024

As the Olympic Games loom, – from 26/07 to 11/08 and 28/08 to 08/09 for the Paralympic Games – AETA is proud to announce the launch of a range of services to ensure maximum support for broadcasters during this iconic sporting event. These services will have no other purpose than to be able to assist you in case of unforeseen events and thus ensure the smooth running of your transmissions to listeners and viewers around the world

First of all, AETA offers you an installation service of any AETA product on site by sending one of its technicians. This, to ensure that your installation is optimal according to the surrounding conditions. This will go hand in hand, of course, with any recommendations that could be useful on the day. 

To meet the varied needs of broadcasters on D-Day or during an event, we offer three ranges of support contracts that will allow you to call our technical support hot line from 01/07/2024 to 15/09/2024:

– The Bronze contract: Telephone assistance with the possibility of taking control of your device if you wish during office hours from 8am to 5pm. We will close the subscriptions of this service with a deadline of 15/07/2024.

– The Silver contract: Same as the bronze contract, but with an extended time slot from 8am to 10pm. In order to prepare the team for these extended hours, we will close the subscriptions to this service on 31/05/2024. This support contract will be subject to a minimum number of participants.

– Gold: Identical in every respect to the silver contract, but with an operational hotline even on weekends.

AETA also offers an innovative insurance/product support service for customers wishing to guarantee the connection during the Olympic Games. This insurance, per product, consists of the on-site replacement of the defective equipment with an identical product, allowing you to overcome a possible defect during critical moments. This service will only be available to customers who have subscribed to one of the above support contracts because before replacing the equipment, it is wise to ensure that it is actually non-functional. The deadline for joining this service is also 31/05.

In anticipation of the increased demand during the Olympic Games, we will increase our rental fleet to meet the needs of broadcasters. This initiative will ensure maximum availability of the equipment needed to cover the event in the best conditions. In order to prepare us better, rental requests will be made until 31/05/2024.

Finally, as recognition and as it is very likely that ScoopTeam is, once again, the star device of these Olympiads, AETA includes the Bronze support contract for any purchase of a ScoopTeam..

For more information on the services offered by AETA during the Olympic Games, please contact your regular AETA contact.