New ScoopyFlex firmware output

7 March 2024

We are pleased to announce the latest news for ScoopyFlex. This update includes significant improvements in audio ergonomics, offering increased flexibility in managing audio streams, but not only!

Time zone change for perfect synchronization

In this update, users will now have the ability to adjust their device time based on the time zone they are in. This feature allows machines to automatically synchronize with local time, thus avoiding confusion, especially during large events. It’s essential to be on time, isn’t it 😉?

Extended audio capabilities for maximum versatility

In addition to the latest improvements to audio ergonomics, this update also introduces new features offering users maximum versatility in managing their audio streams. Among the most notable additions are the integration of the F1 to F4 keys and the ‘talk back’ function.

The F1 to F4 keys are now fully customizable, offering users intercom functionality similar to ScoopTeam. These functions include the ability to ‘talk to the program’, ‘talk to an audio output’ and many others, thus improving the ergonomics of the ScoopyFlex.

The ‘talk back’ function, with its dedicated button, is now also available. By pressing this button, users can easily switch the audio stream from one streamer to another, allowing easy management of conversations with the studio while being live.

This update represents a significant step forward in our commitment to providing our users with tools with features that make the user experience easier and contributions more reliable.