MyScoopyFlex – Redefining the User Experience in Remote Management

18 January 2024

As an innovative leader in the development of audio codecs, AETA is proud to announce the launch of MyScoopyFlex, a convenient solution that greatly helps the remote management of the latest product: ScoopyFlex.

MyScoopyFlex offers the technician the possibility to control a ScoopyFlex by benefiting from the same user interface as the product itself. Allowing him to operate the machine from a computer in the same way as if he had it in his hands. This tool represents the future of operational efficiency, offering an exceptional user interface that can be used both in LAN and via a remote connection. This versatility positions MyScoopyFlex as an additional possibility for professionals looking to optimize the management and control of their systems, whether they are near or thousands of kilometers away.

  1. LAN and Remote Control : MyScoopyFlex provides a seamless user experience whether you are at your office or on the other side of the world. Remote management has never been so easy.
  2. Intuitive Interface : The user-friendly interface of MyScoopyFlex ensures quick handling and easy operations, even for novice users.
  3. Operational Efficiency : Increase productivity with advanced features designed to simplify system management, real-time monitoring, and fast problem resolution. MyScoopyFlex provides even more control possibilities than the embedded web page.
  4. Perfect for Training : MyScoopyFlex is particularly suitable for training journalists or technicians. Having an interface similar on a computer as on the front panel of a unit simplifies training sessions and enhances the possibility to share ‘good practices’

Did you know? : MyScoopyFlex is the counterpart for the MyScoopTeam ScoopyFlex for the ScoopTeam, a solution widely used by users of our discussion panel.

‘MyScoopyFlex marks a significant step in the evolution of remote management. We are confident that this additional solution will meet the growing needs of modern broadcasters  for seamless connectivity and increased operational efficiency’ says Yann Vonarburg, CEO of AETA.

For more information on MyScoopyFlex, please contact your regular AETA contact.

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