15 December 2023

Here we are! The end of the year is fast approaching! 2023 seems to be ready to retire us by closing this month of December and this, without even having the right to enjoy any real snowflake. Pity, but it did not prevent us to prepare the holiday season properly 😉.

However… what a year! It was, at many levels, a very eventful one but still, 2023 offered us a lot. Especially in recent months that allowed us to close the year in style.

First of all, we want to make a special mention to each of you. You collaborators, recent or long-standing. You employees, customers, partners and followers. Thank you all. Because it is for and with you that we maintain the course of continuous improvement in order to offer the best and always more. We make sure to do everything we can to push the boundaries of innovation to give you the most optimal experience.

Speaking of innovation, let’s take a brief look back at what has happened for AETA over the last few months. Of course, we can’t bring you up to date without mentioning the latest events we’ve been involved in. So let’s go!


Like every year, AETA did not lag behind! Armed with our flagship products such as ScoppyFlex, ScoopFone or MultiScoop, we went to many fairs that allowed us to exhibit and present our articles. In Europe or abroad, the IBC, the SATIS EXPO or INTERBEE, have opened the door to multiple opportunities.

Let’s pause for a moment to talk about the IBC. This show, said “at the forefront of industrial innovation”, was a great success for AETA. We were indeed pleased to present INES, for the first time, in collaboration with our partner Ace Media Tools.
Indeed, our two teams have worked hand in hand to implement this innovative software representing the perfect junction of AETA and Ace Media Tools. We are proud of this partnership reflecting our unique complementarity to offer always more to the broadcast industry.


At AETA, we have a particular appeal for innovation. Here, in order to offer you a wide range of features, we take care to constantly optimize our products and present new versions as soon as the opportunity arises. They remain true to our identity: «Simple and Safe audio links» to always facilitate your use. We told you, important features have been operated on some of our products!


The disruptive Reporting Codec consists of a mobile device and a docking station. The latter is a must or rather, an imperative for a reporter working alone and has finally made people happy by being released in mass productionBut since 2023 you can also find the «recording» and «playback» functions on the unit, allowing you to make simple recordings on site and transfer them safely.

Yes, the ScoopTeam has not been left behind! This a new generation commentary unit is then the perfect ally for OB vans as well as in stadium commentary. It benefits from AES67 (Ravenna or Dante) and a double direct studio connection.
So what’s new? An advanced stereo mode! Indeed, this year ScoopTeam has been upgraded, beside some ergonomic improvements, a full stereo mode pour satisfy broadcasters who see in the ScoopTeam a unit able to cover various use cases.


AETA has supplied several equipments to its long-standing customer, Radio Renascença. The latter, based in Lisbon, Portugal, requested Simple and Safe audio links products to cover a world-class event. On the occasion of World Youth Day, the Pope visited Portugal and met millions of young people from all horizons. AETA units then played a fundamental role in the audio transmissions required for this purpose. José Loureiro, assistant manager of Radio Renascença, testifies that the products were easy to use that everything went perfectly: «a success», to use his words.

AETA is now ready to close the 2023 chapter. But be careful, see you in 2024 for always more news!

The whole team wishes you happy holidays and all the best 🎄!