The Scoopy+S retires, the ScoopyFlex succeeds

22 May 2023

We are sad to announce the end of production of our iconic product, the Scoopy+S, after years of success. The last two units have been delivered to a happy customer, signaling the end of an era. We are proud of the achievements of the Scoopy+S and thank all those who have supported it over the years.

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However, we are pleased that its successor, the ScoopyFlex, designed to satisfy the most demanding needs of our customers, is taking its place. With advanced features such as 5G, integrated Bluetooth and Wi-Fi as well as 2 mobile connections, recording, editing and playback, the ScoopyFlex is a simple and reliable solution to meet the current and future needs of the broadcast industry.

The ScoopyFlex is a revolutionary reportage codec consisting of a mobile device and a docking station. With the docking station, users can transform their mobile device into a full-featured commentary desk, offering more flexibility.

The ScoopyFlex is ideally suited for live reporting and interviews, providing secure, high-quality audio broadcasting. Reporters can work in optimal sanitary conditions by connecting up to two microphones and having the option of up to four positions with the docking station.

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We would like to express our gratitude to all our collaborators, partners and customers for their continuous support over the years. As our French Sales Director, Vincent BOULBEN, said: ”The Scoopy+S is retiring after 23 years of loyal service and making way for its successor, the ScoopyFlex”. So adds Arnaud FOUGERAT, our product manager: ”I believe that as most people have moved from a simple phone to a smartphone, it is time for us to move from Scoopy+S to ScoopyFlex”.

We are proud to continue to offer innovative and quality products to meet the evolving needs of the broadcast industry and we look forward to delivering to the first customers in June 2023.