AETA Introduces ScoopyFlex Ultra-Portable Codec

8 November 2021

When paired with a docking station the unit transforms into a full commentary unit

AETA Audio Systems, manufacturer of innovative audio and IP codecs, has introduced ScoopyFlex, a portable codec that comes with a docking station to let users quickly and easily turn the device into a full-fledged commentary unit.

Evolving from AETA’s historical product, Scoopy, the new modular ScoopyFlex is designed to meet broadcasters’ present and future needs by offering flexibility and advanced functionalities, such as 5G capability, embedded Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, as well as two mobile network connections.


With an autonomy of up to eight hours, the unit can house three SIM cards and manages recording, editing and video tasks. It uses two stereo streams and supports HD voice.

ScoopyFlex is suitable for multiple applications. The ultra-portable device is ideal for reporters on the go or spot interviews, ensuring dependable, high-quality audio broadcasts. What’s more, ScoopyFlex lets users connect a second mic to the unit to help ensure optimal sanitary conditions that protect both reporters and guests during interviews.

For sports commentaries or remotes from more complex infrastructures, presenters can pair ScoopyFlex with a docking station, turning it into a complete commentary unit. With this configuration, ScoopyFlex offers up to three mics, additional audio I/Os and a redundant AES67 connection on top of a second ethernet port, battery recharge, intercom buttons, and of course easy access to level knobs.

This means ScoopyFlex and the docking system afford users the versatility and ability to carry a complete compact commentary unit in their suitcase and to use ScoopyFlex alone as a broadcast-proof portable device, or together with the docking station to create a complete commentary unit, depending on the job at hand.

“With ScoopyFlex, we offer the quality and tradition of our flagship product, Scoopy, in a new modular version that enables users to benefit from the unit’s advanced features and versatility, allowing them to craft timely and compelling remote broadcasts,” said Yann Vonarburg, general manager of AETA Audio Systems. “In the past, to achieve this, station staff would have to have two units: one light device for mobile use and another one for commentary applications. That’s now changed with ScoopyFlex and its docking station, and this significantly lowers the cost of gear for broadcaster.”

AETA will showcase ScoopyFlex on at IBC2021 on booth 8.D75.