The economical way to perform point to point AoIP connections !

Analog or digital audio I/O versions

: Ethernet
AETA quality for all broadcasters
Smart and economical
  • Power over Ethernet 48 V
  • Low power platform
  • Compact design (1/3 of 19″)
Transmit over IP with ease

Compact (1/3 of 19’’) and very easy to use, µScoop is a cost effective IP codec that allows you to easily and efficiently perform IP connections over wired networks (Ethernet).

Coming in analog or digital version, µScoop integrates AETA’s expertise to meet professional broadcasting requirements: wide range of coding algorithms including OPUS and MPEG Layer 2, free factory SIP account (exclusive for the device on AETA SIP server) and interoperability.

The device can be configured and controlled easily from its embedded HTML server, accessible on LAN, or remotely thanks to the Remote Acces option. It is also possible to control µScoop via codec management software, such as Scoop Manager.

Aimed at broadcasters for outsourced contribution, µScoop is also suitable for all cases of long-distance AoIP communications with professional quality requirements (Sound system/Events).

Coding Algorithms

 OPUS / AAC-LC / HE-AAC / HE-AAC v2 / MP3 / MPEG Layer 2 / G722 / G711 / Linear 16/20/24 bits

Audio interfaces
  • 2 balanced line inputs (analog version)
  • 2 balanced line ouptuts (analog version)
  • AES/EBU I/O (digital version)
    Sampling rate 32 kHz, 48 kHz, 96 kHz or synchronised from the input (Genlock)
µSCOOP packs

Sold by units, µSCOOP is also available in ready-to-use packs :

µSCOOP A, 2 units pack
  • 2 µSCOOP A
  • Remote Access option
  • 2 rackmount trays
  • 4 blanking plates
µSCOOP D, 2 units pack
  • 2 µSCOOP D
  • Remote Access option
  • 2 rackmount trays
  • 4 blanking plates
µSCOOP and ScoopFone 4G – AoIP special pack
  • ScoopFone 4G with lockable power socket and Remote Access option
  • µScoop with lockable power socket and Remote Access option
  • Complete bag: accessories pouch, shoulder strap, patch type antenna
  • Accessories : rechargeable NiMH batteries (6xAA), 12 V car adapter, µSIM/nanoSIM adapter
  • Rackmount tray
  • 2 Blanking plates