Revolutionary reportage codec consisting of a mobile device and a docking station.

Optimise your audio experience with our multi-functional rack codec with multiple network interfaces

Control your codecs remotely and in real time via Internet, including 4G mobile networks.

The ideal companion for field reporters

Turn your smartphone into a portable codec dedicated to broadcasters

Coming with a double mono codec and a Ravenna AES67 interface, ScoopTeam is the next-generation commentary console for live sports broadcasts.

Modular multichannel codec with hot-swap IP, ISDN and AES67 modules. All the redundancy and security you need to perform up to 16 audio connections.

Simplify and secure your AoIP connections thanks to the AETA SIP serve

AETA Audio Systems codecs integrate innovative technologies for simple and safe audio links

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Audio and IP codecs made for live reports and commentaries
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Audio transmission codecs made for all types of broadcast applications
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Control and safety with our range of services dedicated to broadcasters
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Software solutions to simplify your experience of AETA codecs
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