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To check a codec, test the interoperation, etc, you can call our test codecs. It is available 24/7 (however, it may be occasionally unavailable for maintenance or service needs).

AETA Remote Access
A ScoopFone 4G is available to test the remote access and control feature, AETA Remote Access.
In order for the product to be operational for your tests, please reserve your test day with your AETA Audio Systems contact.

The IP codec on this line is a Scoop5 S, available 24/7.
Reserved for subscribers to our SIP server. This unit can be called only from devices registered on this server.

The IP codec on this line is a µScoop, available 24/7.
Incoming calls to this codec are accepted with no need to be registered on our SIP server.
Please note that the connection is released automatically after a couple of minutes in order to avoid blocking this device by mistake.

The IP codec on this line is a Scoop5 dedicated to 4SB ADPCM tests.

+33 1 41 36 12 68
The ISDN codec on this line is a Scoop 5. 1B ou 2B connections are possible (same dial number for both channels). 
Thanks to the 5AS system, the codec can accept calls in all the supported modes (see further, Interoperation).

+33 1 41 36 12 65
The POTS codec on this line is a Scoop Studio, also available 24/7.

General notice: as many customers make use of this facility, please remind that these test units may happen to be busy when you try a call!