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AETA Audio Systems is a leading international developer of portable sound recording units, mixers and advanced audio codecs, optimised for any kind of media and transmission infrastructure. “Made by AETA” is a synonym for high quality and investment protection.



New firmware for Scoopy+ and Scoop 5

New software updates are available for the audio codecs in the Scoopy+ and Scoop 5 ranges.

+ More info on Scoopy+, Scoopy+HD, Scoop 5, Scoop 5 IP.


4MinX - new firmware update

A new software update, Version V1.7.5, is now available.
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AETA Audio Systems at SATIS 2013 exhibition in Paris

AETA Audio Systems welcomes you on our booth B86 at the SATIS exhibition, which takes place in La Halle Freyssinet, Paris, from November 19th to 21th.

We will showcase novelties in our audio codecs range as well as new developments on our mixer-recorder 4MinX.

More than ever, AETA signs its products with high professional audio quality for the most demanding and innovative customers.


On'R award for the ScoopFone HD

The AETA ScoopFone scooped up a prize in the 'Innovative Product' category of the ' Prix OnR' awards during the annual Le Radio show, which took place in Paris, Feb 9-12.

More about ScoopFone HD...


An award for the ScoopFone HD at SATIS in Paris

The ScoopFone HD, AETA's professional mobile phone, has made its successful debut at SATIS 2012, and was granted a "SATIS Trophées" award.

More on ScoopFone here...


SCOOPY+ and SCOOP 5 with HD-Voice (AMR-Wideband)

Scoopy+ is also a recorder

HD-Voice (AMR-Wideband) now is an optional feature for SCOOPY+ and SCOOP 5, SCOOP 5 RAVENNA, ScoopFone HD, ScoopFone R

+ more info SCOOPY+ HD

+ more info Scoop 5

+ more info ScoopFone R

About us

What makes us tick

Henry Ford, the ingenious engineer and founder of the Ford Motor Company, once disclosed why he could not stop inventing: “There’s a better way to do it – find it.” This inner urge always to improve things is what makes us tick as well.

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With a strong commitment to innovation the company has a great history of industry firsts. AETA is a co-founder of the Audio-Over-IP experts group, which includes the leading manufacturers worldwide and targets inter-operation standards for IP transmission meeting EBU recommendations.


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