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Unique benefits at low cost: Professional mobile phone with HD-Voice

Technical Highlights

  • High definition voice (up to 7 kHz)
  • Telecom grade reliability
  • Full Duplex
  • Mobile voice over 2G/3G with HD Voice™ (AMR-WB, 7 kHz)
  • Network quality meters
  • Noise gate and echo cancelling
  • N/ACIP compliant (UER Tech 3326)
  • 1 balanced mic/line input
  • 1 balanced line output
  • 2 headphone outputs
  • 2 antennas for better reception
  • Push?/?pull SIM card holder
  • Phone book
  • Easy update by USB
  • Embedded HTML server
  • > 5H autonomy with Rechargeable NiMH batteries, 6xAA, integrated charger
  • Phantom Power
  • ScoopFone HD front view
  • ScoopFone HD right view
  • ScoopFone HD rear view
  • ScoopFone HD bag
  • ScoopFone HD right side

Operational benefits

ScoopFone HD is designed for the needs of field reporters. It allows you to perform audio connection through 2G/3G mobile networks in HD Voice™ (7 kHz).
It also performs great in TV wireless coordination and any live long distance communication where professional quality matters.
Two mobile network antennas provide better performance in case of marginal coverage. Microphone input and line input can be mixed. With rechargeable batteries lasting for more than five hours, ScoopFone HD offers the perfect combination of mobility, sound quality and quality of service.


The ScoopFone is also available in a rackmount version, ScoopFone HD-R.

Frequency bands supported with mobile Mode

To know the bands used by the operators in a given country, you can for instance check on  this site.

You can find a list of the network operators that support the "HD voice" service in the section "Information Papers" besides.




Carrying bag
Carrying bag
AC Power Adapter/Charger
AC Power Adapter/Charger
Set of Ni-MH rechargeable batteries
Set of Ni-MH rechargeable batteries
Car battery adaptor
Car battery adaptor
Antenna with SMA plug and 1.5 m cable, ''I shape''
Antenna with SMA plug and 1.5 m cable
Antenna with SMA plug and 3 m cable, ''T shape''
Antenna with SMA plug and 3 m cable
Antenna with right-angle SMA plug
Antenna with right-angle SMA plug
Adapter for µSIM card
Adapter for µSIM card
Shoulder strap
Shoulder strap

Firmware Release

Download here the file for updating the firmware to the last version V1.05.

Copy this update file into the root of a USB stick; switch your ScoopFone on and wait for full startup; plug the USB stick into the rear panel of the ScoopFone, press the <OK> button to acknowledge the “Update Unit from USB?” message and initiate the firmware update. Updating the firmware will last for about 5 minutes, and the unit will be automatically restarted.

You can get on this page the firmware revision history and details.


Product Registration

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About HD Voice

HD Voice delivers higher quality voice transmissions by extending the frequency of range of traditional or narrowband voice calls (300 Hz to 3400 Hz) out to wideband audio ranges (50 Hz to 7000 Hz). The 7 kHz wideband sound quality allows the full signature character of the reporter’s voice to be heard, leading to greater audience involvement and loyalty.

Look for more about HD Voice in our FAQ page.