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Cost efficient and reliable: rackmount codec for IP audio transmission

Technical Highlights

  • Wide range of coding algorithms, including AAC and OPUS
  • IP interface for SIP / AoIP, compliant with EBU Tech 3326 (N/ACIP)
  • Broadcast quality audio
  • Telecom grade reliability
  • "Direct RTP" mode
  • "Multicast" feature
  • Packet duplication algorithm, preventing audio dropouts
  • Low power platform, Linux architecture, no noise and high reliability
  • DC powering 12 V (optional)
Scoop5 S-IP rear view

Operational benefits

The new Scoop5 S-IP is a rackmount codec for audio links via IP, designed specifically for broadcasters (for e.g. STL applications) or others who wish to perform live audio transmission over IP.

The Scoop5 S-IP is N/ACIP compatible and can be configured and managed via its embedded web pages, or control systems such as the Scoop Manager.

In addition to its atttractive price, one great advantage of Scoop5 S-IP is its packet duplication algorithm, which prevents audio dropouts.  A large selection of algorithms is available, including G722, MPEG Layer II, AAC and OPUS.

"Direct RTP" mode allows you to setup an audio call over an IP network without using the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). Please download this application note to see how to operate the codecs using the "Direct RTP" mode.

Ability to setup an audio call over an IP network in “Multicast” mode. The “Multicast” feature is available in the “Setup / Network / AoIP Parameters” menu from the front panel or in the “AoIP” page of the web interface.


  • AetaScan : discovery tool, scans your LAN to look for AETA codecs and displays MAC and IP addresses. Click here to download it (works on any OS).
  • Recovery script: you can use this to reset all settings on a Scoop5 S (see user manual for the procedure).

Accessories and options



DC power option, with XLR4 socket
12V DC input option


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